Admission Procedure

Cambridge Online International School has courses available for students of English Language, IGCSE, AS, A-Level and Career Training and Development around the globe.

Our dedicated enrollment team is available to lead you through the admissions process and begin the journey to an individualized and flexible educational experience for your child.

1. Complete the Online Enrollment Application – Create an account and complete the online application form within the Parent Portal.

2. Submit an Application – To submit an application, you’ll provide us with basic information about student and choose an available school.

3. Speak with an Enrollment Coordinator – Within 48 hours of completing the online application, an enrollment coordinator will contact you. If you’d prefer to contact an enrollment coordinator sooner, please contact us.

4. Complete the Admissions Process – To complete the admissions process, please provide more detailed information about student, submit necessary documentation and fulfill any additional requirements related to student’s enrollment.

5. Pay Tuition – Please contact us to arrange tuition payment with an enrollment coordinator. View our current tuition and rates. Please review ouronline tuition payment option for more information.

6. Admissions Advisor Conference – After completing the previous steps, an Admissions Advisor will be assigned to your student and will schedule a conference to discuss course recommendations and transcript analysis, as needed.

7. Approval! – Once all steps above are completed, you will receive an Enrollment Confirmation email.

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